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I believe there is great power in the written word... 


 ... a power that can manifest as equally in a carefully crafted novel as it does in a quick-witted Tweet. Our words have the potential to hold great weight, and the way in which we choose to communicate matters. 

Whether a complex narrative or a simple resume, I'd be honored to help you carefully cultivate your writing and unleash the power of your word.


I believe a good editor is more than the "one who yields the red pen." I believe a good editor is a guide on the journey of writing.


As your editor, I will provide more than just a "quick fix;"  I will empower you with tools, ideas, and feedback to better finesse your writing for both now and the future!

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White Sheet


The first time I read a poem and felt it with not one, but all five of my senses, I knew there was something special about the written language.

What started as a solitary passion for writing and reading has turned into a life-long career in the written world. With a background in English Education and almost 10 years of experience project managing and editing books for publication, I know this is the world my gifts and talents belong.  

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